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Photo booth ideas: Create your own custom backdrop!

Photo booth ideas: Create your own custom backdrop!

We offer several backdrops for you to choose from free of charge, but if you want to mix it up and personalize your photo booth experience even more, you may choose to have a custom back drop created.
The photos you see are from a wedding where the backdrop was created by the floral designer "Bella Blooms Floral". The couple had a specific idea of what they wanted the photos to look like and as you can see it turned out wonderful!



This can also be done with a great natural backdrop of a wall or a unique space. In this photo you can see that the wall of the venue "Latrobe's on Royal" provided an amazing natural backdrop for these photos. This is a one of a kind shot!



This isn't always the case however. One thing to keep in mind is that if the wall is too far away or if there is darkness behind the subject standing in the photo booth's field of view, the background will appear as darkness. Not every background is sufficient to create a beautiful backdrop for photos.

Ultimately it's the people in the photos, not the backdrop that make the photo memorable.

white background.jpg

Where to put your photo booth for the most fun

Where to put your photo booth for the most fun

A photo booth is only as good as it's location and visibility at an event. Put it in a great spot and you'll have a lot of participation, put it out of sight without any signage telling people where it is and you'll have fewer photos taken.

New Orleans venues  (especially in the French Quarter) are very unique and can provide some interesting situations for photo booth placement.

A lot of times high traffic areas will be the best solution, as long as it's not in the middle of a walkway/stairwell. The open booth concept does take up more space than the traditional enclosed booth concept, so that is something to keep in mind when it comes to picking a location to place the booth. 

Ideally you'd want an area that is:

1. Visible yet not in the middle of a main foot traffic walkway.

2. Near a power outlet 

3. Spacious enough so that when a line forms it won't impede anything else.


Here is an example of the Muse Photo Booth set up and how much space it needs to operate.