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Ideas for great photo booth props

Ideas for great photo booth props




Digital Photo booths have become so popular that many people have some peripheral experience with them even if they haven't personally used one.

No doubt you've seen the typical arrangement of photo booth stick props: Mustaches, glasses, hats, all on a stick. These can be great fun but they can also be kinda...bleh.

If you're providing your own props for a photo booth you can really make things a lot more fun if you look into finding creative, fun props. A few great places to find interesting and inexpensive props would be thrift stores and garage sales. Here you can find items that may be useless to someone else but would be really fun and quirky to include in your photo booth. You could go home with bags full of items for less than $30.

One thing to keep in mind if you include any "mask" props however, is that you won't be able to see the face of the person wearing the mask in any of the photos! This can be fun and cute at first, however after scrolling through many of your photos you'll just keep seeing the same mask over and over again, when really you'd probably rather be able to see the person's facial expressions. Especially if they're wearing a silly hat, glasses, or a wig!

If you are a fan of the more traditional stick props. There are many places to choose from online. You can start here at amazon.


How to encourage guests to have fun with your photo booth!

How to encourage guests to have fun with your photo booth!

The addition of a photo booth to an event is almost always a great way to get people involved and have a great time!

However sometimes for whatever reason, there are occasions where people may not jump into using the photo booth, and often there is a mad rush to use it towards the end of an event. Here are some ways to encourage people to get up and take some pictures:

1. Have the DJ or band announce in the beginning of the event that the photo booth is open and direct them to the location of the booth.

2. Have the bride, groom, or host mention to people to please pass by the photo booth and take a picture so that you may have it as a keepsake and make sure to tell them they get to keep a copy.

3. Designate someone who is an energetic, outgoing person to take some photos and walk around with the prints to show people what they will receive if they visit the booth. A lot of times people will react positively to seeing the physical product.

We hope that these tips help you to get the most out of your photo booth experience!