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Concerns about having a photo booth at your event.

Concerns about having a photo booth at your event.


There are many reasons why you would want to have a photo booth at your event. 
In this post we're going to talk about concerns you may have about having a photo booth at your event...

 1. You don't want your guests having fun taking photos. (maybe you'd prefer they would dance and if they don't like to dance, maybe you'd prefer them to leave?)
2. You don't want a bunch of silly photos of your friends and family from your wedding. (sure you'll have a photographer there to capture all of the candid and posed photos, but will you have a great shot of your parents with mustaches on looking happy, having fun, and letting loose? You can always request that there be no props too btw!)
3. You don't want to have to find room in your floor plan. (Just ask your wedding planner or venue coordinator, they're use to finding room for photo booths. Just make sure you give them the correct dimensions as they may be expecting one of the cheaper "photo booth in a box" contraptions)
4. You think it will be a waste of money. (After your wedding you'll only have your photographs, maybe a video and the photo booth photos if you have one. The photo booth photos serve as a great favor for your guests and a wonderful record of all of the people who were at your wedding)

So as you see, it's kinda silly to worry about such things. There are plenty of great reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding or event!

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