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Dos and Donts of the photo booth

Dos and Donts of the photo booth

So you want to add a little fun to your event? Want to give your guests or clients a takeaway from your special night? Adding a photo booth can be a great way to do that!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to get a photo booth:

-DO decide whether you want an enclosed booth or an open air booth, you can learn the difference between the two here

-DO Make sure you have space for the booth. A lot of times the venue may not want you to put it in a certain walkway or doorway (which is not a good idea anyways) because it may cause congestion. You can learn more about this topic here

-DO Ask for customization options. Different print layouts that allow you to choose either the traditional 3 photos strip option or one big photo on a 4x6 are good options to have. As well as custom designs/logos on the prints.

-DO Consider the props. Are you getting a photo booth with a bunch of cheap cut out paper on a stick props such as mustaches and glasses like this? That's fine if it fits your needs but if you desire a little more sophistication be sure to confirm that before hand.

-DO ask if your booth comes with an attendant and if anything were to malfunction with the booth, how would you be compensated?

-DON'T expect the photo booth to attract guests if it is hard to find, without signage, and no announcement has been made to inform guests that the booth is available.

-DON'T think that the booth can fit in a very tiny space next to the bar (where a line will naturally form)

-DON'T think that your guests won't have an amazing time as they let loose and find their inner child!


Enjoy your photo booth and take pictures!

How to encourage guests to have fun with your photo booth!

How to encourage guests to have fun with your photo booth!

The addition of a photo booth to an event is almost always a great way to get people involved and have a great time!

However sometimes for whatever reason, there are occasions where people may not jump into using the photo booth, and often there is a mad rush to use it towards the end of an event. Here are some ways to encourage people to get up and take some pictures:

1. Have the DJ or band announce in the beginning of the event that the photo booth is open and direct them to the location of the booth.

2. Have the bride, groom, or host mention to people to please pass by the photo booth and take a picture so that you may have it as a keepsake and make sure to tell them they get to keep a copy.

3. Designate someone who is an energetic, outgoing person to take some photos and walk around with the prints to show people what they will receive if they visit the booth. A lot of times people will react positively to seeing the physical product.

We hope that these tips help you to get the most out of your photo booth experience!

Where to put your photo booth for the most fun

Where to put your photo booth for the most fun

A photo booth is only as good as it's location and visibility at an event. Put it in a great spot and you'll have a lot of participation, put it out of sight without any signage telling people where it is and you'll have fewer photos taken.

New Orleans venues  (especially in the French Quarter) are very unique and can provide some interesting situations for photo booth placement.

A lot of times high traffic areas will be the best solution, as long as it's not in the middle of a walkway/stairwell. The open booth concept does take up more space than the traditional enclosed booth concept, so that is something to keep in mind when it comes to picking a location to place the booth. 

Ideally you'd want an area that is:

1. Visible yet not in the middle of a main foot traffic walkway.

2. Near a power outlet 

3. Spacious enough so that when a line forms it won't impede anything else.


Here is an example of the Muse Photo Booth set up and how much space it needs to operate.